Robert Devereaux’s new serialized horror novel, Deadolescence: A Tale of Love And Sacrifice, is 26 chapters that tell the story of a certain high school where things are going way awry. High schools in the Demented States of America are build with secret passageways and are meant to be locked down during senior prom, where it’s accepted practice to slaughter one couple and tear off bits of their bodies as mementos of the prom.

But something’s gone amiss at Corundum High, where the unknown designated slasher is claiming a far higher body count than the normal two. Is it Futzy Buttweiler, the principal with a smoldering grudge against the system that once claimed his daughter? Is it school nurse Delia Gaskin, butt of student pranks? Or it is Gerber Waddell, the once-sociopathic head janitor whose lobotomy may not quite have had the desired effect? And will Dex and Tweed, our love interest, survive the night that ought to have been their last?

Beginning Halloween 2007, each week for thirteen weeks, Devereaux will send you, gratis, two chapters of his latest horror novel, Deadolescence. To try it out, just visit his blog and sign up: Deadolescence

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