Movies Online sat down with Rob Zombie at the Comic-Con to talk about his upcoming Halloween II, which is scheduled for release on August 28th.

In talking about his Halloween being compared with the original, and now the inevitable Halloween II comparisons, Zombie says, “My Halloween II has nothing to do with their Halloween 2. It’s a completely different movie. It has nothing to do with it. The way the story unfolds is totally [different] so it didn’t matter. Like you said, the first one was different because you’re remaking a classic movie and that’s kind of weird. It was weird for me because I was as big a fan of the movie as anyone else, so it was really hard for me to distance myself from it and to see it a different way. That’s why this was good because I had gotten all the John Carpenter-ness out of my system. I felt free to do whatever all the time. That alone makes for such a better film. The last one, for me, always felt sort of 50/50 – like this is clearly my section and this is clearly how do we mess around with John’s section. It’s kind of tricky.”

Catch the complete interview here: Rob Zombie

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