Very few people are aware that in addition to writing some of the most memorable Twilight Zone scripts, he also wrote a Star Trek script in 1966, “The Enemy Within”, which aired as part of the original Star Trek series. Getting permission to publish Star Trek scripts is almost impossible, but after several months or negotiations we have secured permission to publish the script.

“The Enemy Within” will see publication as part of Gauntlet’s Matheson Uncollected, Volume One. The book will also contain a second Matheson foray into science fiction, an aborted novel Colony Seven. He wrote just over 100-pages and then set it aside. Colony Seven will also include Matheson’s outline, which tells the rest of what would have been a fascinating novel. The book will finish with a selection of the 17 short stories of Matheson’s that have never been collected.

Matheson Uncollected, Volume One will see publication next fall. A second volume will appear in 2008 and will include two other novels Matheson began, but never finished.

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