I Am Legend ScreenplayWhile there have been three adaptations of Richard Matheson’s classic novel I Am Legend none of the scripts have followed the novel. Matheson wrote a script in the 1950s which did. It was purchased by Hammer Films in England. However, both the British and U.S. censor boards wanted extensive alterations that neither Matheson nor Hammer Films were willing to make.

Gauntlet Press has just released the trade paperback of Richard Matheson’s Censored And Unproduced I Am Legend Screenplay, the script Matheson wrote and how he envisioned his novel being filmed. The book includes the script, history of the screenplay, as well as the U.S. Censor Board letter outlining their objections.

You can pick up the trade paperback edition for only $16.95 here: Richard Matheson’s Censored And Unproduced I Am Legend Screenplay

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