Steven Erikson

PS Publishing
ISBN 9781906301729 (Trade Hardcover)
92 pages $16 USD/10 GBP
Review by Kent Knopp-Schwyn

Revolvo, an interestingly loopy and recursive tale that could be set in Canada or could be set in any metropolitan center, concerns a caveman skulking around and killing in a major metropolitan city. All the while, the movers and shakers of society continue about their usual high level business, partying and socializing seemingly oblivious to street level happenings. But, are they really blithely oblivious, or are the high society mavens and matriarchs really keenly aware of and in control of the street level action. For that matter, are these upper crust characters flesh and blood people or are they alternate versions of Big Government, The Arts, or The Law, etc.

Extremely well written with quirky characters, odd interactions, precise word choice and measured action, Revolvo forces the reader to pay attention and question the action on the page. The reader is left to determine if this novella is meant as fiction, meta-fiction, a bizaro tale or something else altogether.

Revolvo introduces Sool Koobie, a grimy, feral caveman who, while unable to speak articulately, quickly becomes the heart and focus of the story. Following his instincts, Sool cuts a swath of carnage through the city streets leaving behind a mass of bodies and unexplained incidents. Finally, however, he follows an internal and external siren call to move up from the streets. In doing so, he confronts the highest levels of urban society and there he meets his match. While Sool is the king of both the underground and the streets, his true betters are the cultured barbarians who pull the strings, control the city and have actually guided Sool to this prophetic meeting point.

What happens next is left for the readers and fanciers of experimental fiction and stylized action to determine for themselves after they finish this tantalizing treat of a novella and experience the urban world of Revolvo.

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