TMG Flicks has embarked on an innovative form of motion picture distribution by releasing award-winning Argentinean filmmaker Fabian Forte’s controversial new horror film, Carnal (previously known as Mala Carne) as an exclusive Internet-only attraction. Earlier this month, the horror movie made its wide-release big-screen debut on the smallest of screens … via the Internet, in 3-5 minute intervals. You can catch up by visiting: Carnal The Movie.

Dennis Harvey of Variety says, “Admirably terse Argentine Carnal (Mala Carne) is a horror movie in the matter-of-fact mode of George Romer’s classic Martin, treating outrageous incidents with deadpan pragmatism. Harrowing efficiency. Future looks bright for writer-helmer Fabian Forte.

In the 80 minute film, two friends Eduardo (Federico Bezenzette) and Patricio (Guido Krilovetski) go out for a bite to eat and get more than they bargained for when they encounter a pair of enticing women, Marcel (Alexia Zamparo) and Maria (Mara Said) on the street. But these women are not what they seem. The friends soon learn the hard way that when love bites, it can have deadly consequences. Filmed entirely in sequence with handheld cameras, a revolutionary filming technique, Carnal is a journey into a claustrophobic underworld … and you won’t look at mysterious strangers in the same way again.

Written and directed by award-winning Argentinean filmmaker Fabian Forte, the entire movie was shot in sequence over six, nine-hour days with handheld cameras, adding intimacy and allowing the audience to feel as if they’re inside the film’s action. Forte’s other work includes five short films including the award winning Dossis and Sol de Noche. Carnal has just been released on DVD as well. Keep an eye out for another Carnal announcement on Hellnotes in the next day or two.

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