Eternal Press has released Nathaniel Connors’ Revelation: Creatures Rule the Night in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: The hunted, that is what Jonathan Armand has become. Generations of Armand’s had died before him, many by the same creature that taunts him from within the darkness now. It is his curse for carrying the name, but it is the blood of his ancestors coursing through his veins that make him the strongest of all those before him. He is the last Armand, a veteran of war by his teenage years, a man plagued by death. For so long he has dreamed of nothing more then a simple and peaceful existence, one free of the horrors and nightmares of his past; but now as he stands to lead a new army filled with familiar faces he realizes what destiny has in store for him. Hunted or hunter, one death will change it all.


“The dull dim orange light of the sun setting in the west catches my attention for the final time. It is a sight I have witnessed, admired, and gazed upon in awe of its majestic beauty on a thousand different evenings from this same hillside overlooking the island castle of my ancestors off the shores of the Celtic Sea. How fit that life should end here where, in essence, it all began for me.

Leaning down on the cold damp surface of a small stonewall running along and disappearing into the acres of oak trees on either side, I look down the hillside at the assassin waiting patiently below. His soulless black eyes watching my every movement, he has come to finish what his predecessor had failed to accomplish. My blood is worth more to his kind, than a valley filled with gold. I am the greatest threat to his survival, and the first step in his campaign against my people.

My executioner grins, his pale thin lips slowly rising. He smiles because he knows that he has found me unarmed, unable to ward off any attack. I am at the mercy of a being that has no comprehension of the word.

He is death in its truest form, a relentless and violent being. His whispers carry through the evening breeze, the sound of his voice echoes in my ears. He repeats my name, John, over and over again, taunting me. He is the hunter and I am his prey, and before the sun disappears behind the Earth, I will die on this soil.”

You can order this one through Amazon here: Creatures Rule the Night

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