New life is being pumped into a world of zombies, psychopathic tyrants, and a hero/villain who aspires to conquer an entire wasteland. Resurrection Planet Second Edition by Lucas Cole is being offered – resurrected – by Master Key Press. This classic military science fiction/horror novel will be available exclusively to readers of Kindle, iPad, Nook, and other digital eBook formats.

Author Lucas Cole welcomes the opportunity for this major re-do of his first novel which, he admits, was “rushed to publication.” It had received praise, but also one scathing review by a reader who, Cole believes, had an appreciation for some aspect of the tale, but misunderstood – or resented, perhaps – other aspects, like the main character’s manipulation of women, and the pseudo-religious aspects of the novel.

Description: Ronald Crisp, a former Marine officer-turned mercenary, has been dispatched to an outlying planet called Sybaris. Mining is at a stand-still. Workers are being horribly murdered – torn to shreds, possibly even eaten, according to reports. And a senior research physician has disappeared.

Within moments of making landfall, Crisp…and his reluctant crew, including the beautiful Carly … discover why Sybaris has come to be known as the Resurrection Planet. Nothing seems to stay dead … for long.

A miner, forced to guide Crisp into the wasteland of Sybaris, tells Crisp gruesome stories of roaming zombie hordes. But Crisp is acquainted with death – and horror. Crisp plunges into a dark journey over – and under – a treacherous wasteland to find the truth and shut down any opposition. The opposition, though, is more than he may be able to handle: an army of once-human men and women … an army with which he is all too familiar.

“This is a zombie tale with a brain and plenty of heart,” Cole says. “Resurrection Planet Second Edition is not your standard zombie book, and it never was meant to be. Banding together to fight off flesh-eating monsters – yes, that aspect exists in this novel, but this novel digs deeper – and unearths (pardon the puns) so much more. The questions about life after death, what constitutes evil, and when, if ever, does the end justify the means … these questions are at the heart of this rewritten and reformatted version. And at its core – it’s a study of the heart and mind – of the hero/villain, Major Ronald Crisp, and his similarities to the ‘monsters’ he opposes.” Not the typical concerns for so-called zombie books, the author adds.

Resurrection Planet Second Edition is the first product for Master Key Press, a small digital publishing firm focusing on digital products, mainly eBooks, but possibly expanding into other areas in the future.

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