Ty Schwamberger reports on his blog: “You might remember me posting a few years ago about editing an anthology entitled, Relics & Remains. After dozens of emails, talking with various publishers and basically never thinking this incredibly awesome anthology would dig itself out of its grave, I’m pleased to announce Relics & Remains has been picked up by E-Volve Books (Naked Snake Press). Below are the almost, long-forgotten details.”

Table of Contents

  • Good For What Ails Ya by Mike Oliveri
  • Many Faces by Wrath James White
  • Centuries of Torment by Adam P. Lewis
  • The Black Diamond by Michael Laimo
  • Caroline’s Playhouse by Dean Harrison
  • The Painter by Deborah LeBlanc
  • Rachel Alhazred’s Tablet by Steven L. Shrewsbury
  • Adrift by Dora Machado
  • Monkey Paw 2.0 by Tim Deal
  • Pickin’ & Grinin’ by Thomas A. Erb
  • Whispers at the End of Creation by Maurice Broaddus
  • Nailed by John Everson
  • “Chomp” A Cautionary Tale by Jeff Strand

Description: People have always been fascinated about the past. Some even going to great lengths to uncover what’s taken place long ago. But sometimes when people venture into locations that aren’t suitable for the living, bad things can happen.

That’s when these self-proclaimed explorers start to unearth strange looking, ancient artifacts and the cursed remains of the once-living.

They think they’re going to be rich and famous.

But, that might just be the furthest from the truth.

To them, taking that risk is what it’s all about … until things start to go wrong.

So, for those of you into ‘finding’ strange things, here’s some words of advice…

Proceed with caution when digging up someone else’s Relics & Remains.

Relics & Remains will be released around Halloween 2012 in Trade Paperback and eBook.

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