Author and Conshohocken resident, T. A. Bradley, has published, through Barren Hill Publishing, Relic of the Damned a two volume horror/thriller that will take the reader into the depths of Banderman Falls’s hell – a small town nestled between Philadelphia and Conshohocken, PA. These books were originally released as a single edition ebook entitled: Lucifer’s Pommel. Due to the response, it has been expanded into a two volume set, and is now available in paperback format.

Description: When an ancient relic of enormous power inadvertently falls into the hands of a weak and desperate antiques dealer, hell on earth becomes more than just a cliché to the small town of Banderman Falls, Pennsylvania. Seduced into believing that the relic is his to command, Carlton Wedgemore is manipulated into serving the demonic incarnation of all evil, Zachariah Witherstone. And Banderman Falls is plunged into a nightmare of darkness from which it may never awaken. In his quest to acquire the icon, Witherstone usurps the minds of the townspeople through dreams of lust and torment. He divides the town, pitting men against women, husbands against wives and brothers against sisters. And the people soon find themselves no more than puppets dancing on the strings of destruction.

It begins with the murder of a young convenience store clerk. At first, Sheriff Jack Dougherty is convinced it’s a robbery gone awry. But when two men go missing and his deputy turns up dead, Jack begins to sense that there may be more powerful forces at work in his town – a sense that is confirmed when he is brutally attacked by insects in defense of their master.

At the same time that Jack is discovering that the peace and harmony of Banderman Falls is unwinding, Father Gabriel Jacobs receives a visit from an old friend. Geoffrey Dunsmore, a man with unusual abilities, enlists his friend’s aid in a struggle that will claim more than lives.

As the terror unwinds, ordinary people must rise to a challenge that will test their faith, test their courage and demand the ultimate sacrifice for a chance at victory. Hell has come to devour all, and has chosen Banderman Falls as its first entrée.

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