Red SandCray Press has released the paperback and digital editions of Ronan Cray’s Red Sand.

Description: On this island, there are no survivors.

Lost meets Treasure Island in this riveting account of castaways on a desert island hunted on all sides. A rare blend of breathtaking action, deep character development, corporeal horror, and a believable story line brings this modern adventure to life.

When the cruise ship Princess Anne sinks at night in the middle of the Atlantic, strange, white-haired natives pluck seven survivors from the water. Delivered to a barren volcanic island and forced to work, the survivors disappear one by one as the natives, and the island itself, turn hostile. An old betrayal tears apart the native political structure as a hurricane threatens to bring to life the deadly secret of the island. With time running out, the natives and survivors alike form and break alliances to escape by any means possible.

Fear the natives. Fear the Island. Fear each other. Fear yourself.

If you miss Lost, don’t miss Red Sand. All the action, suspense, betrayal, and mystery you could ask for with scenes so swiftly terrifying you’ll gasp for air. Deeply human characters draw you in until horribly detailed descriptions end them. You’ll shut your eyes when it happens, but you’ll tell everyone about it the next day.

About the Author: Ronan Cray lives and drinks in New York City when he isn’t holed up in his writer’s shack in rural Pennsylvania. He deals with life the same way everyone does – with procrastination, complaints, and the occasional tipper. After travelling the real world, sampling the heat in Dubai, the cold in Russia, and the smog in China, he decided fiction is better. Stay home. Read. Enjoy.

Check it out on Amazon: Red Sand

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