You’ve got a book, or a line of books, or an entire bookstore of books, or a movie, or artwork, or dark music that you know horror fans will absolutely love. And we’ve got horror fans. Let’s get together!

Hellnotes is teaming up with its sister publication, Dark Discoveries, to provide advertisers with the opportunity of a lifetime. Reach your horror audience through two topnotch web properties or if you prefer, you can reach them through a web ad and a hard copy magazine ad … either way, the prices are right!

Here’s the all digital deal:

You can get a large Hellnotes sidebar ad (350px × 600px) for 30 days for only $100. Or you can get a Dark Discoveries sidebar ad (250px x 300 px) for 30 days for only $100. Or you can combine the two, have your ad appear on both websites for one month for only $160. Prefer 90 days? Your Hellnotes ad would normally run $250, your Dark Discoveries ad $190. Combine the two and you only pay $400 while reaching horror fans from all across the Internet. Prefer a longer ad run? Drop us an email ([email protected]) and we’ll work out an even better deal!

How about a digital ad on Hellnotes and a hard copy ad in Dark Discoveries? You can have a half-page ad in Dark Discoveries for only $275, plus a Hellnotes 30 day sidebar ad (350px × 600px) for a total of only $300.

Aren’t interested in a combo deal? You can still pick up a special price as we approach the Halloween season for both Hellnotes and Dark Discoveries ads. Just drop us a note ([email protected]) and let us know your needs. We’ll quote you the best prices we’ve ever offered.

Get your product in front of the audience that hungers for what you have … the horror fan!

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