If you never had a chance to read Stephen King’s Danse Macabre, you’re in for a treat. Pocket Books will be releasing a new paperback edition on February 23rd. The Philadelphia Inquirer called it: “one of the best books on American popular culture.”

In this 512 page look at horror from the past, King reflects on the very nature of terror — what scares us and why — in films (both cheesy and choice), television and radio, and, of course, the horror novel. It’s a very comfortable read, informal, in King’s conversational voice, yet wonderfully informative. This new trade paperback edition also features a brand new long essay entitled “What’s Scary” by Stephen King, in which the King shares his deepest fears with the world.

You can pre-order the book through Amazon.com for $11.56. Check it out: (in accordance with the latest FTC regulations, please note that this is an affiliate link and Hellnotes will be making a small fortune if you choose to purchase through this link): Danse Macabre

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