CNN is currently running a great piece on Ray Bradbury, who turns 90 this month. Bradbury – who lives in a rambling Los Angeles home full of stuffed dinosaurs, a tin robot pushing an ice cream cart, and a life-sized Bullwinkle the Moose doll lounging in a cushioned chair – says he will sometimes open one of his books late at night and cry out thanks to God.

The primary push of the article is Bradbury’s belief in God and how it’s influenced his writing.

“We must move into the universe,” says Bradbury. “Mankind must save itself. We must escape the danger of war and politics. We must become astronauts and go out into the universe and discover the God in ourselves.”

You can read the article in its entirety here: Ray Bradbury

Bradbury is still conjuring his monsters and angels. His latest book, Summer Morning, Summer Night, was released last month.

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