The Odds Are Good
Release date: March 15, 2013
Available in Kindle, Nook, and all other major eBook formats
Publicist: Jaym Gates, [email protected]

Odds and Ends is the third fiction collection by author Dustin LaValley. In his latest effort he delivers grim flash fiction which showcases his growth beyond the genres with which he has been associated in the past. Odds and Ends further challenges norms by not only being a thought experiment, but a commercial experiment as well: there will be no charge to readers for this book. Both LaValley, and his publisher, Raw Dog Screaming Press, firmly believe that not only do the boundaries of writing need to be pushed to meet the needs of readers, but publishing models must evolve as well. Contributing to the introduction is Michael A. Arnzen, seven-time award winner and tenured professor at Seton Hill University. Many consider Arnzen a frontrunner in bringing the flash fiction movement to genre writing.

The book’s publication will be supported online with a black and white film trailer, contests and giveaways, a blog tour, and a feature on Inveterate Media Junkies—a popular entertainment news site which recently surpassed 135,000 views per day. Odds and Ends will also be supported in print by a series of ads, features, and reviews in venues as Shadowland Magazine, Shock Horror Magazine,
Starburst Magazine, the Horror Writers Association newsletter, and many others. The author will be appearing at Confluence 2013/Dog Con 2, with other events to be announced.

This collection will appeal to fans of dark literary fiction in the vein of that published by authors such as Chuck Palahniuk, Barry Gifford, Bret Easton Ellis, Larry Fondation, and Eric Miles Williamson.

About the Author

Dustin LaValley is an author from upstate, NY. His books include A Child’s Guide to Death, Lowlife Underdogs, Lawson Vs. LaValley (with John Edward Lawson), and Spinner. His produced screenplays include Rise of the Ghosts, Terror Overload, Pajama Party Massacre and Party Girl, along with two screenplays in pre-production at this time. LaValley has developed a strong following for his
work in comic books, primarily with the titles Go ta Sleep and Hayseed.  He has been cited in the Year’s Best anthology series and received the Hiram Award for Fiction, the SUNY Parnassus Award for Creative Writing and his films have won numerous Best Of awards. He has been featured in such diverse outlets as PBS, Yahoo News, Decibel Magazine, 3:AM Magazine and NPR.
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