Psycho TherapySamhain Publishing is gearing up for the February 13th release of Alan Spencer’s Psycho Therapy in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: The horrors are all in your mind!

Craig Horsey’s first visit to a therapist is hardly what he expected. Dr. Krone’s unorthodox treatment begins by hooking Craig up to a device the doctor claims can take him back to relive the memories of his past and mend his damaged psyche.

But instead the machine taps into Craig’s worst subconscious fears. Monsters, madmen and incredible terrors now turn his past into a nightmare. To survive the sadistic game, Craig must somehow uncover the truth about Dr. Krone and escape the machine while battling deadly visions determined to steal his sanity — and his life. Only one thing is certain: If he dies in his mind, he’ll die in reality.

About the Author: Alan Spencer is a horror author from Kansas City. His novels include “The Body Cartel,” “Inside the Perimeter: Scavengers of the Dead,” “Ashes in Her Eyes: Uncut,” “Zombies and Power Tools,” “Cider Mill Vampires,” “This Town Eats Everything,” “B-Movie Reels” and “B-Movie Attack.” Alan Spencer’s mission statement: cover you in blood.

You can preorder this one on Amazon here: Psycho Therapy

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