PS Publishing have already several new stories for Postscripts plus new projects from Richard Parks, Gene Wolfe and Lucius Shepard and two books from the late-but-great Avram Davidson … and, last but by no means least, Allen Ashley’s anthology of new fiction, Catastrophia.

Freshly out are Matt Hughes’s epic Template [hardcover, slipcased hardcover] and the seriously wacky (but extraordinary and wonderful) The Pilo Family Circus from Will Elliott [hardcover, slipcased hardcover], plus a new novella from Jack Dann, The Economy Of Light [hardcover, jacketed hardcover, slipcased hardcover], the third volume in our special Showcase series of mini-collections – Robert Jeschonek’s Mad Scientist Meets Cannibal [hardcover, jacketed hardcover] — and the 15th issue of Postscripts [hardcover, signed hardcover], which first saw the light of day at the recent WorldCon in Denver.

Expected in within the next two or three weeks (for official launch at FantasyCon) are the slipcased special artwork edition of Postscripts #15, Ed Gorman’s Cage Of Night [hardcover , slipcased hardcover], James Barclay’s Vault Of Deeds [hardcover, jacketed hardcover], Steve Erikson’s Revolvo [hardcover, jacketed hardcover], Mark Samuels’s Glyphotech, Darrell Schweitzer’s Living With The Dead [hardcover, jacketed hardcover], Ian MacLeod’s The Song Of Time [hardcover , slipcased hardcover] and Chris Golden’s The Hiss Of Escaping Air.

Postscripts #16 [paperback, hardcover] — a special all-spook issue for Hallowe’en — is expected in October, with #17 (and a specially commissioned subscribers-only novelette from Ramsey Campbell) just before Christmas.

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