Through the end of January, PS Publishing is running a special offer on all their current titles. Three for the price of two, with the cheapest-priced item being the freebie. Postage is charged as usual on the third book, and the sale does not include forthcoming titles.

Some of the current titles include: Cast a Cold Eye, by Derryl Murphy & William Shunn; Just Behind You, by Ramsey Campbell; Impossible Stories 2, by Zoran Živkovic; Counting Tadpoles, by Uncle River; Creatures of the Pool, by Ramsey Campbell;
Showcase #6: Glass Coffin Girls, by Paul Jessup; and Passing for Human, by Michael Bishop & Steven Utley (eds.).

Just place your order and the cheapest title will automatically register as postage-only – so £2 if you live in the UK or £4 if you’re outside the UK.

It’s all happening at: PS Publishing

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