Later this summer, watch out for the first titles in a PS Publishing mass market paperback line under their sister imprint Drugstore Indian. And who better to kick off the line than long-time PS figurehead (from whom they’ve published twelve titles, Ramsey Campbell.

Eight titles are already underway and every single one of them will be the definitive version … calling for some re-writing on some of the titles — director’s cuts, if you will, with that particular phrase being very appropriate in more than one case. The titles are as follows:

  • The Darkest Part Of The Woods
  • Secret Story (instead of Secret Stories)
  • The Overnight
  • Told By The Dead
  • Creatures Of The Pool
  • The Seven Days Of Cain
  • The Inhabitant Of The Lake
  • Just Behind You

The paperbacks will be £6.99 apiece plus postage (£2.99 in the UK, £4.99 in the US and £7.99 everywhere else). But you can buy four titles for £27.96 and just one postage charge or all eight titles for £49.99 plus just one postage charge. How could you possibly resist?

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