Professor LaGungo’s Delirious Download of Digital Deviltry & Doom
Mark McLaughlin & Michael McCarty

Digital edition e-book from Delirium Press/Delirium Digital
March 2009 – No ISBN
1.49 30 pages available as a PDF, MOBI or EPUB document
Review by Kent Knopp-Schwyn

Delirium Digital Downloads are wonderful concoctions from publisher extraordinaire Shane R. Staley, head honcho of Delirium Press and cofounder of Horror Mall. These delightfully digital doozies give the reader a chance to own a Delirium title at an affordable price or they let a fan sample the work of an up and coming author or they allow a fanatic a chance to get a small fix from a favorite author. And unlike downloads from other big name sites, Delirium Digital Downloads contain the usual assortment of great stories, fantastic cover art (often by the author of the work) and excellent copyright protection for the author.

Professor LaGungo’s Delirious Download of Digital Deviltry & Doom picks up shortly after Mark McLaughlin’s stoker nominated chapbook “Professor LaGungo’s Exotic Artifacts & Assorted Mystic Collectibles” and contains two hilarious short stories.

“The Monkey’s Grandpa’s Paw” explains why and how the Professor’s shop has been transplanted from Tibet all the way to Tuttlesburg, WI; for the record, it was the cheese that drew him to Wisconsin. The rest of this devilish tale mixes zombies, wish fulfillment and the usual look before you leap mentality into an amazingly tasty piece of horror candy that will keep the reader in stitches.

“Shop Till You Drop” plays a humorous riff on Needful Things and Leland Gaunt. Here in Wisconsin, however, Professor “Teddy” LaGungo stays open late on Christmas Eve to give unwary shoppers exactly what they want at a fraction of the expected price. However the professor always fails to mention the little catch accompanying each perfect gift letting the reader know it is better to shop early even if you can get a better price at the last minute.

Pick up this or any Delirium Download from Delirium Digital; they are priced to read and have the guaranteed quality expected form all titles under the Delirium imprint.

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