Hallow Pointe, the highly anticipated horror/thriller in development with Bobby Ray Akers Jr.’s Dead of Night Films & award winning filmmaker Thomas J. Churchill’s (Emerging Past) Church Hill Productions, is taking a fresh new approach to the creature feature genre. Churchill & Akers are bringing a new style and feel to their definitive werewolf film. Churchill’s partnership with Predator’s executive producer Laurence Pereira on another project, led to his addition to the production team and sparked the first step in this new direction.

Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), Tony Todd (Candyman, voice of The Fallen in Transformers), Allison Kyler (Prom Night, TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2), Stacey Dixon (Hell House) and Brad Loree (Halloween Resurrection, Mr. Hush) are joining the horror cast, with more big names in the works. Grammy-nominated writer/producer Jeeve (Be Cool, Cold Creek Manor, Untraceable) is bringing the score for the film and artist Dennis Willman has given the poster a whole new look.

Hallow Pointe is a chilling story about love, life and what lengths you go through to try and save someone; all told within the classic horror staple, a creature feature. The film is centered around Madeline’s Closet, a quaint bed and breakfast hidden away from the world on a forgotten dirt road in the woods. Henry and Jane are hoping a weekend there will help rekindle their love for each other. Staying there, along with a few other guests, everything seems to be going as planned…until the sun sets and the full moon lights up the sky. Instead of trying to save their marriage they must now work together to try and save their lives.

The filmmakers’ vision for the film is to bring back the feel of old school ’80s horror giving fans something movies today are lacking – great creature development with hard core visual FX. Like two of the great werewolf films The Howling and An American Werewolf in London, Hallow Pointe is an “R” rated werewolf film with adult sensibilities played straight with a little humor to break up the drama and horror. Akers is “really excited with how the film is evolving. The new direction, new look and changes are more in tune with what audiences want to see. With a visionary filmmaker such as Churchill, we’ll all be in for one amazing adrenaline rush.”

Production is set for 2011 in Pennsylvania with an anticipated 2012 theatrical release.

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