From The Tomb Magazine is currently running an interview with John Parker, the owner/writer/ and artist of Post Mortem Comics.

“Growing up all I ever wanted to do was draw,” says Parker. “I had books on top of books laying around the house where I would sit down and draw pictures of Conan and anything dealing with fantasy art. Two of my older cousins introduced me into the world of fantasy and horror. I think the first comic I remember picking up at their house was The Savage Sword of Conan and one of the first books I picked up of theirs to read was Stephen King’s Carrie. I also remember sneaking into my mom and dad’s room one night while they were watching television in the living room and turning on their tv. I was glued to the screen, scared to death of what I was seeing (The Exorsist). It scared me so bad I couldn’t sleep that night, but after that I wanted more. I feel in love the whole horror genre after that.”

Find out what Parker has to say about Post Mortem Comics, horror comics in general, and much more. It’s all here: Post Mortem Comics

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