Joel Betancourt’s debut novel, Porcelain Doll has been released by Wings ePress, Inc.

Description: Joseph Amator is a ceramic artist putting the pieces of his life back together. He is preparing for his first one-man-show, while cleaning up after a disastrous love affair, and now, after meeting his ex-girlfriend’s lover, Joseph’s recurring nightmares are coming true. The monsters and horrors in his dreams have awoken and connect Joseph to a man once loved by the same woman he is trying to forget. A man with deep green eyes and deep dark secrets. A man whose power can leave anyone’s flesh as cold, as white, and as lifeless as the clay skin of a porcelain doll.

Porcelain Doll originally began as a short story that kept growing,” says Betancourt. “Once I hit a word count that excluded the story from most short story markets, I decided to give the piece breathing room and it became the full length novel that it is today.”

The trade paperback is available for $12.95. The eBook edition is available for only $6.00. Readers can order directly through Wings ePress.

“I feel most horror writers take portions of their lives, the best parts of their dreams and, the worst of their nightmares, stir all the above in their imagination and serve chilling tales,” adds Betancourt. “I took my experiences as a ceramic artist and infused the work with some of my Cuban culture. What I got at the end of my literary journey was Porcelain Doll. I hope readers come away from the novel with a new monster haunting their dreams. A new tale of horror with a little Cuban flavor to it.”

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