“The only thing we have to fear, we’re told, is fear itself…”

In Phobophobia, the first short-fiction collection from award-winning journalist (Fangoria, Cinefantastique, editor Sirens of Cinema) and screenwriter Mike Watt (The Resurrection Game, Dead Men Walking), readers will find plenty of reasons to leave the light on. Thirteen (triskaidekaphobia) tales, six appearing in print in this collection for the first time, tell of ordinary people caught up in decidedly unordinary events where nothing is what it seems –

– Not classic red Mustangs…
– Not “typical” art exhibits…
– Not Christmas Morning…
– Not even your “average” hard boiled mystery.

In her introduction, author (Death’s Daughter) and star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Amber Benson, writes, “What I love most about this collection is that Mike takes every day, normal scenarios and infuses them with a pinch of fear, making the reader want to turn around just to check that they’re alone before embarking on the next story.”

“Once upon a time, I made a very meager living as a fiction writer before I moved on to the ‘flashy’ world of professional journalism,” says Watt. “Recently, I went back to the digital desk drawer and dusted off a handful of stories that always made me proud, some published, some not. Phobophobia is the result.”

Boasting a haunting cover by artist Romik Safarian, Phobophobia is available in trade paperback through Amazon.com, Createspace or, alternatively, an autographed copy is available from the author himself at his website, Mike Watt.

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