I guess for anyone who shows up here regularly it’s been hard to miss that something hasn’t been quite right the last two weeks. It may seem the town has been abandoned and the crows are circling high overhead. Well, I’m pleased to report it’s not as serious as it may appear. I’ve recently changed apartments and in the process some health issues stepped forward to make their presence known.

It’s been a tough two weeks and it isn’t over yet, but at lest things seem to be trending in a positive directtion. How often I’ll be posting here over the next week or two, I cannot say. Getting up to get something to eat requires a long recuperative nap and then some serious coaxing before I can repeat the process all over again. Throwing Hellnotes into the mix will, I imagine, only add to the length of those recuperative naps. But on the positive side, I do believe I’m gradually getting stronger.

So, dear reader, for now I make no promises except this one: I will do my honest best to get things up and rolling again on these pages, recuperative naps or not. You may come across more errors than you’ve grown to expect here, but it won’t be because I’ve been lazy or careless or lowered my standards. It will simply be because the clarity of my thoughts is still returning and such things take time.

Thank you for returning to these pages to check on Hellnotes.


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