George Wilhite has seen the release of his collection, On The Verge of Madness, in paperback. It’s currently available through, where it’s received some glowing reviews.

Description: A gangster is forced to confront the ghosts of his kills, a soldier wanders the bleak landscape of an alternate future in search of clues to the origin of an apocalypse, and a man desperate to find his missing wife submits to experimental drug testing that will alter his nature forever. In the traditions of Poe and Lovecraft, these eight short works of supernatural fiction transport the reader to wondrous and horrifying alternate realms and into the mind of each protagonist faced with one simple choice: either the supernatural is real or they are mad.

“I aspire to write horror fiction that is both entertaining and thought-provoking,” says Whilhite. “My first collection is assembled around the common themes of belief and madness. Two of these stories also introduce series characters that readers and reviewers alike have enjoyed.”

Whilhite has been an aficionado of the horror genre most of his life. The fascination began as a child, staying up late and watching Creature Features late at night with his father. He grew up in one of the golden eras of horror films – Hammer Horror was in full swing and as Whilhite grew older the iconoclasts came on the scene – Carpenter, Craven and Argento. Weekends at the drive-ins (often the only venues that would show these features) were a mainstay of his early adult life.

Here’s the trailer for the book:

You can purchase a personally signed copy here: On The Verge of Madness

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