Paul Kane’s new short novel from Thunderstorm Books is available for pre-order through Horror Mall. The cover art is by BFS Award-winner Vincent Chong. The introduction is by bestselling author Mike Carey.

Description: Fear of the dark. It’s one of the most common phobias, especially when we’re growing up. For teenager Lee Masterton, his deepest childhood fears are about to become a reality – because not only will he discover that the things living in the darkness are real, he will also find himself in the middle of a war between them and the forces of light. Set against the normal, everyday backdrop of a council estate, the future of humanity will be decided by the outcome of these events. As Lee’s family and his friends are threatened, he must face up to and conquer his terrors. Because Lee has a very special destiny, and his fate and that of the world’s is soon to be dangerously linked…

From the imagination of award-winning author Paul Kane (Touching the Flame, The Lazarus Condition, The Hellraiser Films And Their Legacy, Arrowhead, RED) comes a short novel that will make you re-evaluate both the darkness and the light. And everything in-between. Unique in its perspective, by the time you have read this powerful tale you will no longer be the same.
Are you afraid of the dark? No? You will be.

To pre-order:
Limited Edition Hardcover: $49
Signed Paperback: $16.95

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