A message for Dean Koontz fans, from Trixie (his dog), went out this week.  It read: “Bliss to you, beloved reader! Is me, Trixie Koontz (dog), furry daughter of Dean Koontz (not dog). My dad is busy washing my bed covers—two from bedroom, one master bathroom, one Mom’s office, one Dad’s office, one Linda’s office, one kitchen, one office hallway. He is tied up all day with laundry. So I, Trixie, who is dog, am to announce his new book, Brother Odd, lands in stores on November 28. Is third book in Odd Thomas series. Odd is guest at monastery high in California mountains. He seeks peace. (Snortle-snortle-snortle. That is sound of dog laughter.) This is story by Dad, so Odd won’t find peace even at monastery. Dad had so much fun writing book, he sometimes snortled out loud. I, Trixie, still dog, think Brother Odd is good book, good, because is scary and funny and sad and has dog in it. Would be good book if only had dog in it and all else was stupid, but all else is not stupid, so is good book. Now must go get cookie for doing review. Bliss to you.”

To view the Odd’s Journey short films, including the Director’s Cut Final Chapter, visit: Odd Thomas

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