October is one of our favorite months here at Night Shade Books is celebrating October with the release of four new titles.

The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten: When Bonnie Grayduck relocates to the small town of Lake Woebegotten, Minnesota, she thinks she’s leaving her troubles behind. But she soon becomes fascinated by another student – the brooding, beautiful Edwin Scullen, whose reclusive family hides a terrible secret. Once Bonnie realizes what her new lover really is, she isn’t afraid. Instead, she sees potential. Because while Bonnie seems to her friends and family to be an ordinary, slightly clumsy girl, she’s really manipulative, calculating, and not above committing murder to get her way – or even just to amuse herself. This is a love story about monsters … but the vampire isn’t the monster. If this book doesn’t make you laugh, we’ll eat our inflatable pumpkin costume.

Infidel: Infidel is the second volume in Kameron Hurley’s The Bel Dame Apocrypha series and it’s even more awesome than the first. Nyx used to be a bel dame, a government-funded assassin with a talent for cutting off heads for cash. Her country’s war rages on, but her assassin days are long over. When Nyx’s former bel dame “sisters” lead a coup against the government that threatens to plunge the country into civil war, Nyx volunteers to stop them. The hunt takes Nyx and her inglorious team of mercenaries to one of the richest, most peaceful, and most contaminated countries on the planet. In a rotten country of sweet-tongued politicians, giant bugs, and renegade shape shifters, Nyx will forge unlikely allies and rekindle old acquaintances. And the bodies she leaves scattered across the continent this time… may include her own.

Reap the East Wind: It’s the beginning of the end for Glen Cook’s Dread Empire. After years in limbo the wait is finally over, Reap the East Wind is Volume One of the Last Chronicle of the Dread Empire and the first step to the long awaited conclusion. In Kavelin: Lady Nepanthe’s new life with the wizard Varthlokkur is disturbed by visions of her lost son, while King Bragi Ragnarson and Michael Trebilcock scheme to help the exiled Princess Mist re-usurp her throne–under their thumb. In Shinsan: a pig-farmer’s son takes command of Eastern Army, while Lord Kuo faces plots in his council and a suicide attack of two million Matayangans on his border. But in the desert beyond the Dread Empire: a young victim of the Great War becomes the Deliverer of an eons-forgotten god, chosen to lead the legions of the dead. And the power of his vengeance will make a world’s schemes as petty as dust, blown wild in the horror that rides the east wind.

Necropolis: In a future where death is a thing of the past … how far would you go to solve your own murder? That’s the decision detective Paul Donner is faced with in Necropolis, the debut novel from Michael Dempsey. Paul Donner is a NYPD detective struggling with a drinking problem and a marriage on the rocks. Then he and his wife get dead-shot to death in a “random” crime. Fifty years later, Donner is back-revived courtesy of the Shift, a process whereby inanimate DNA is re-activated. This new “reborn” underclass is not only alive again, they’re growing younger, destined for a second childhood. The freakish side-effect of a retroviral attack on New York, the Shift has turned the world upside down. Beneath the protective geodesic Blister, clocks run backwards, technology is hidden behind a noir facade, and you can see Bogart and DiCaprio in The Maltese Falcon III. In this unfamiliar retro-futurist world, Donner must search for those responsible for the destruction of his life. His quest for retribution, aided by Maggie, his holographic Girl Friday, leads him to the heart of the mystery surrounding the Shift’s origin and up against those who would use it to control a terrified nation.

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