Close the blinds, light a single candle, put on that hideous orange cassette tape of haunted house sounds you bought at the thrift shop and lost on the floor of your car for eight years, and crack open one of the following. 11 More Books To Scare The Sh*t Out Of You

As a bestselling horror novelist, King made his bones and his fortune by frightening the wits out of readers. Yet it was his collection of non-horror novellas with themes more societal than scary that was briefly banned this month from a high school outside Sacramento, Calif. Stephen King book gets kicked out of high school, temporarily

The Survival Horror genre has been rapidly declining since the mid-2000s. Changing tastes among consumers and pressure from corporate bigwigs alike have forced the likes of Capcom and Konami to slowly transition away from the methodical, cerebral-based antics of old and instead go down a more mainstream, action-oriented route more aligned with Hollywood blockbusters than a George A. Romero romp. This is best exemplified in Survival Horror’s tent pole franchises such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, though in the case of the latter it still has one decomposing foot (just about) in the horror space.
Silent Hill: Book of Memories Review

“What happens when you feed crazy with more crazy?” Winnipeg-born film programmer Kier-La Janisse poses that question in her newly published book, House of Psychotic Women, tellingly subtitled “an autobiographical topography of female neurosis in horror and exploitation films.” Dark and stormy Winnipeg film programmer pens dark and stormy (and personal and funny) autobiography

If you love to watch horror thrillers, you have reason to plan a trip to multiplex this weekend. Vikram Bhatt has come out with horror thriller 1920: Evil Returns. Directed by Bhushan Patel, the movie is quasi-sequel to a 2008 film 1920. The film stars Aftab Shivdasani and Tia Bajpai in main lead. 1920 Evil Returns movie review

Found-footage horror flicks are supposed to be scary because the images look real, but new thriller The Bay cranks up the authenticity with an ecological threat that feels all too plausible — especially when told via FaceTime. The Bay Spikes Cellphone Footage With Environmental Horror

Just in time for Halloween, veteran editor and best-selling author Philip Athans provides tips, tricks, and warnings for horror authors. From how to avoid the traps of clichés like the “Needy Ghost” or the “Scooby-do Ending” to the not-so-subtle difference between horror and terror—this is the sort of stuff they don’t teach you in English class: how to scare the pants off someone! Five Things Every Horror Author Needs to Know

The doors open at the Long Beach Convention Center on Nov. 3 and 4 for the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con, and among the many exhibits is a panel of young adult authors. These authors may be sucked up into interdimensional wormholes of distant lands and superpowers, but before that happens they will appear on a panel together to discuss their chosen genre. Among those authors, Jennifer Bosworth, author of Struck, Daniel Marks, author of Velveteen, and Gretchen McNeil, author of Possess Ten, will be on a panel at 2 pm on Sunday to talk about how they approach the young adult genre, to give tips on becoming a young adult author and will be doing a signing, according to Everything Long Beach. Long Beach ComicCon Marvels at Young Adult Authors

On Sunday November 4th Dark Delicacies presents an entire day of signings and events. At 2:00p.m. authors Glen Hirshberg, Tamara Thorne, Peter Atkins and Lisa Morton will be signing their latest books. Then at 4:00p.m. author Robert Abele will be signing his chronicle of the entire Twilight film series The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive. Joining him will be actors Toni Trucks (Mary in the films) and Erik Odom (Peter in the films). There will also be a Twilight poster giveaway with purchase.

I had no pent-up desire to write this kind of thing. But I’m on Twitter all day and kept getting asked to write an adult book. I’ve been writing Goosebumps for 20 years. A lot of my followers were kids when it first came out and kept saying, “Write something for us!” I thought, well, I can’t really ignore my original audience. R.L. Stine on Writing Horror for Grown-Ups

C. Dulaney has written two incredible books dealing with the Zombie Apocolypse that have been received with massively positive reviews. Author Interview Zombie Edition – C. Dulaney, American Horror Writer

Aha by HARMAN and have announced a partnership that streams audio book content directly into vehicles for the very first time. offers more than 600 book titles in every type of literary category from Science Fiction to Fantasy to Non-Fiction and Horror. All Podiobooks titles are instantly available on demand to Aha users. Hundreds of Fascinating Audio Books Are Now Available to Drivers On Demand via the Aha App

After a very limited run in theaters at the beginning of October, the horror anthology that made audiences pass out at Sundance called V/H/S is gearing up for a home video release in December. In addition, a sequel has just been greenlit with some interesting names attached to film segments. Horror Anthology ‘V/H/S’ Gets A Sequel

The Brisbane author’s debut novel The Dead Path has been optioned by Milton-based production house Hoodlum, which is developing it as a film. The news comes as Irwin’s psychological thriller Secrets & Lies: The Track has been picked up by Network Ten as a six-part TV mini-series for 2013. Stephen M Irwin’s nightmarish horror writing is headed for Hollywood

Many horror fans first discover their love for a good spine-tingler, sitting around a campfire, eating carcinogenic marshmallows and listening to ghost stories. Free from the conventions of a three-act structure, or the need for complex layers of subtext, these stories have a simple purity to them. With one simple goal in mind, they tend to follow the same basic template – set-up, shock, twist. Even horror authors like Stephen King and Clive Barker appreciate the power of the short story, despite the fact that most of their books could give Geoff Capes a nasty hernia. Over the years they’ve both turned out a considerable number of grisly little anecdotes; twisted tales that cut right to the bone. Programs like Tales From The Crypt condense horror films into short vignettes for TV, and they are the first horror exposure for most true fans of the genre…

US horror and science fiction author Justin Cronin talks to Metro about our love of vampires and reporting on the end of the world.

The annual horror-themed Bloody Parchment mini literature festival was once again held at The Book Lounge as part of the 2012 Horrorfest festivities. The Horrorfest, which is now in its eighth year and this year runs for a week and a half, is organised by Paul Blom and Sonja Ruppersberg. It comprises a film festival (that has now extended to Johannesburg as well) and other horror-themed activities such as the zombie walk, a Halloween party, and an alternative market.

From The Walking Dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dexter, Friday The 13th: The Series and more, 411’s Jeremy Thomas counts down the top 8 single-narrative horror television series of all time!

The Stairs Are Moving is psychological horror that bears a passing resemblance to Virginia Andrews’ novel Flowers in the Attic. Two estranged siblings – Marjory, a bitter and twisted insurance assessor; Dmitri, an isolated alcoholic – are reunited in adulthood when their aunt Petunia dies. At a funeral arranged by the obsessive servant Tulip, Marjory and Dmitri are forced to relive a childhood haunted by neglect and worse. Their parents abandoned them as children to their aunt’s care, and she abused them while everyone turned a blind eye. Now, they approach their tormentor’s ghost, faces from the past, and the dark legacy of the house they grew up in. Family horror fails to mount scare campaign

Chicagoist has opted to recommend some books that might deliver shivers directly to your spine. Instead of triggering your gag reflex upon the mention of Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, or focusing on some horrifying scenes from Wright’s Invisible Man or Native Son, we’ve devised a list to complete the creepy section of your mental library. In other words, here are some books written by Chicago authors to aggravate your heart rate. The Creepiest Books From Chicago Authors

Things that go bump in the night don’t frighten Barrington nine-year-old Carson Pazdan. He enjoys the spooky chills and thrills so much that he aspires to be a horror-fiction novelist and filmmaker. Pazdan took his first stab at writing and directing this summer, producing a 13-minute homemade flick Extreme Creep. Barrington 9-year-old writes, directs horror flick

The Los Angeles-born horror novelist Tamara Thorne has written more than a dozen novels, all in the horror genre. Cemetery Dance magazine calls her “one of the best tellers of dark fantasy tall-tales.” In this exclusive, Halloween-week interview, Thorne talks about her books – and other scary things. Tamara Thorne finds inspiration close to home

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