The Vampire Girl Next Door by Richard Arbib, is a boy-meets-vampire-girl story that blends horror, romance and humor to offer readers a quirky new take on the joys (and mortal dangers) of modern relationships.

Description: After Mark’s next-door neighbor is murdered, tragedy quickly gives way to opportunity when he meets the gorgeous woman moving into the victim’s apartment. Charming and mysterious, Sylvia has just arrived from London and seems drawn to Mark. The pair is soon embroiled in a mutually obsessive relationship that presents Mark with a few challenges. Whether it’s performing gymnastics on the ledge of the Golden Gate Bridge, creating an embarrassing scene at the wedding of Mark’s best friend, or shocking Mark with her unusual sexual proclivities, Sylvia never misses an opportunity to make a bad first impression. Meanwhile, beneath the infatuation lies a simmering secret — Sylvia’s shadowy past and what makes her so different.

“There are no werewolves, shape-shifters or teenagers,” says Arbib. “It’s a grown-up story that combines horror and romance with dark humor. The supernatural elements emerge gradually during the progress of Mark and Sylvia’s relationship.”

Alternately eerie and funny, the book is a blend of genres written to captivate readers on multiple levels. This novel should appeal to fans of the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris that inspired the popular HBO series, True Blood.

The Vampire Girl Next Door is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Richard Arbib is a writer and educator. A native of New York City, he earned a master’s degree in English and creative writing at San Francisco State University, taught English in Vietnam, and composition and literature to college students in Nevada. He has had short fiction published in Mensa Bulletin and articles published in Integra—The Journal of Intertel.

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