Burning Effigy Press has released Steve Vernon’s chapbook, Nothing To Lose, at the great price of only $8.00. Description: So you think you know all about superheroes? Those guys in the capes and the lightly starched spandex speedoes. Leaping tall buildings and always getting the girl. You don’t know nothing.

Join Steve Vernon, Nova Scotia’s hardest working horror writer, as he takes you into the world of Captain Nothing. It’s a world without hope, a world that is as cold and dark as a landlord’s heart, three days after the rent is due. It’s a world that could give the Batman a case of the squirming night fears. Nothing To Lose is a collection of stories that will show you the darker side of courage. It will show you the shadows in a hero’s heart. Go on. I dare you to take a closer look. You’ve got nothing to lose. A revised and updated edition of Steve Vernon’s untraditional and irreverent superhero collection Nothing to Lose.

To order: Nothing To Lose

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