UndergroundOne of the biggest perks of the new Cemetery Dance Book Club – besides receiving 12 great Signed Limited Edition Hardcovers for around $12 per book – are the two Not For Sale Limited Editions that are not available to non-members!

For these two special editions, there will only be enough signed Limited Edition copies printed for the membership of the Book Club. No dealers, no direct sales, no distributors.

These two exclusive NOT FOR SALE Signed Limited Editions are:

  • Waiting by Rick Hautala, an original novel that might just be the best tale Rick has written in his long and acclaimed career.
  • Underground by Al Sarrantonio: Fans have been waiting 20 years for Underground to see print and the time is almost here! This is a picaresque tale of, literally, a trip to Hell, with characters such as Dr. Foostis and Malice in Wonderland, is an amazing journey to the very center of the Earth. It’s sure to astound and entertain … and it’s the only unpublished novel ever by horror master Al Sarrantonio.

These two signed limited editions will only be printed for members of the book club. So if there are 400 members in the Book Club, Cemetery Dance will print 400 copies.

If you think your book budget might be tighter in 2013 OR if you just want to guarantee yourself a bunch of great new books for one low price, this is the deal for you because you cannot go wrong.

Check out the Club: Not For Sale Limited Editions

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