Night Shade is reporting that Perdido Street Station is very late.

“The reason it isn’t out yet is because the way it was headed, it wasn’t worth $75, let alone the $500 for the lettered,” said Jason Williams. “The quality isn’t up to snuff, the binding wouldn’t have been up to snuff, none of it.  We’re not going to release a book that we wouldn’t buy ourselves, and so we’re not going to release a sub-par book.”

Williams added, “We’ve had quite a few talks over the past few weeks with some folks that are going to help us out with that.  They know about producing gorgeous books, and what a $75 book should look like.  Those of you who put up the $500 for the lettered, you are in for a serious treat.  When they told  me what they had in mind, I knew we were dealing with the right people.”

In addition, Night Shade is reporting that anyone who has tried to order over the website in the past few weeks has encountered an error.  They’re working on it, but what that means is that the website was unable to generate the order confirmation email, and as a result of bad programming, it doesn’t show the final “Order processed” screen. Orders still went through.  For those of you who clicked “Submit order” multiple times, and are worried because they have sees multiple orders in their order history, Night Shade is aware of it.  They process credit cards manually, so orders will not be billed because of the website error.  They’ll delete the duplicate orders before they do any order processing.  They’re working on the problem, and hope to have it fixed soon.

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