In “A Note to SFWA Members Regarding Night Shade Books,” Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America President, John Scalzi has alerted members to some recent irregularities at Night Shade Books.

“This week, we became aware of three recent instances of Night Shade Books acting against the contractual and legal interest of authors, specifically by not reporting royalties when contractually specified or reporting them inaccurately and/or distributing books in a medium for which it had not legally secured rights.”

He goes on to say, “Night Shade does not dispute these events, and shortly after these incidents came to light contacted SFWA as well as released a public statement apologizing to the authors affected, and said it was working to address their problems. It has pledged to work with SFWA to find other authors who have issues with Night Shade.”

As a result of the situation, even though SFWA is heartened by Night Shades admission and apparent willingness to rectify the situation, the organization has place Night Shade Books on probation as a qualified SFWA market for a period of one year.

You can read the entire article here: A Note to SFWA Members

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