Nick Rose is a traditional illustrator who is renowned for his pictorial storytelling, an influence he acquired by studying the work and teachings of Howard Pyle, the father of American illustrations as taught to him by Master Daniel Horne.

Not only has he trained under a Master, he also trained under Todd Lockwood, one of the all time greats in the fantasy field.

Though the years, Mr. Rose has created 100’s of book and magazine covers as well as interior illustrations. He also has an impressive list of commercial clients, including Sea World, the Carolina Panthers, the Williamsburg VA civil war museum, and Quay Publishing in London England to name a very few.

He now focuses on his first love, publishing. He mainly works in the Horror and Dark Fantasy Genre. He is expanding his career to the movie industry, doing everything from concept sketches to movie posters.

Some of the more notable publishers he has worked for are Dragon Magazine, Evil Nerd Empire, Hero Games Inc, 100 Kingdom games, Whiskey Creek Press (The Torrid Romance division, yes, he even did erotic romance covers) and many, many more.

Now you can check out 8 new images created by Nick Rose in the current Horror Bound Art Section

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