Behind The MaskThis Rhode Island based toy company has their first line of licensed product out that will surely be a surprise to quite a few horror fans out there. Based on the character from the 2006 movie Behind the Mask, The Rise of Leslie Vernon. They have just released their 7″ action figure and limited edition reproductions of the mask & scythe props from the movie.

“It’s one of the best horror movies in the last 10 years and we’re very excited to have this as our first license,” says president Neal DeConte who started the company in 2011. “We’re trying to do things that you won’t see from other toy companies out there, I love the obscure stuff, always have and always will,” he goes onto say.

“I just got the figure and I’m shocked and delighted. It’s just so perfect I can’t believe it,” says Nathan Baesel who played Leslie in the movie.

Other upcoming releases will be their 10″ statue of Kane Hodder as the first of their Cinematic Heroes line and Spider One, lead singer from the band Powerman 5000 and the Finland based band Lordi as the first of their music series.

Here’s a short interview with Nathan Baesel:

Neal started out in the industry a few short years ago after being a self taught hobbyist most of his life. He’s worked for Hasbro & different prototype shops before Starting his own company.

Check out their website: DeConte Figures & Collectibles

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