The third Eternal Vigilance novel, Bound in Blood! by Gabrielle S. Faust is scheduled for a September 2010 release. The official release will take place in New Orleans at the Undead Con & Memnoch: The Resurrection vampire masquerade ball hosted by The Vampire Lestat Fan Club. It’s also reported that Ian Holt, co-author of Dracula: The Un-Dead, has agreed to contribute a forward to the novel.

In the meantime, Faust has signed a contract with Dark Regions Press for a new novella entitled Regret about a man finding out what it truly means to be a demon after Hell assigns his recently deceased soul the title of “Demon of Regret.”

Faust says, “It is dark and twisted in the richly poetic voice I strive to cultivate and my readers have come to expect. I am truly thrilled, not only with my new partnership with Dark Regions Press, but all with the way the story itself is evolving. I believe it is one of the best pieces of literature I’ve written, thus far, and hope you will find it as enjoyable as you will find it disturbing. In addition to the story itself, I will also be creating 4 original full-page illustrations for the interior of the book which will be detailed black and white, pen and ink drawings.”

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