The January issue of Apex Magazine is now online. Ruth Nestvold offers her short story, “On the Shadow Side of the Beast” (I remember things. Almost everything since the Destruction. I’m not sure when I started remembering, or when I realized that not everyone did. I wasn’t that old when the world died, but I know more than a lot of the older kids. I don’t remember before much, but when the others tell me things, I remember it all.). Eric James Stone offers reader his short story, “In Memory” (I’m soaring over the snow-tipped peaks, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my wings, when the call comes in from Andrew. It’s been three years, four months, seventeen days, five hours, forty-seven minutes and twelve seconds, simtime, since I last talked to him, so immediately I fork my consciousness and slow one of me down to realtime.). Jason Palmer offers “The Starter House.”

You’ll also find features by Justin Steweart, Lavie Tidhar, and Ed Turner.

Check it all out: Apex Magazine

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