How lucky can you be?  I’ve been to New Zealand.  It is an absolutely wonderful place.  Beautiful mountains, stunning beaches, forests…just being allowed to live there should be enough to make anyone happy.  Well now, if you’re a lucky Kiwi with a good idea, it seems that you can also get your movie made.  Sounds pretty cool to me.

From the press release:

Producer Ant Timpson, Greg Newman (EVP MPI/Dark Sky Films), and New Zealand Film Commission CEO Graeme Mason announced today the return of MAKE MY MOVIE, the highly successful New Zealand feature film project.

The New Zealand Film Commission and MPI/Dark Sky Films are financing a low budget feature film scheme in which the entire budget will be given away to any individual/team who can come up with a synopsis and poster that wows the public and the in-house gurus. The first round resulted in the critically acclaimed Kiwi peeping-tom rom-com HOW TO MEET GIRLS FROM A DISTANCE. That film was conceived and delivered in less than six months; it was then sold to Madman Entertainment after a highly successful festival run in New Zealand.

This time around exec producer Timpson sought support from Newman and MPI and upped the stakes, calling it MAKE MY HORROR MOVIE with a focus entirely on the horror genre.

“Having MPI/Dark Sky on board from day one is a smart way to help us to find a project that can transcend the inherent limitations of a low budget and to select a project that can make a real dent internationally. We were all knocked out by the creativity from the first Make My Movie; we have a real chance to find the next Paranormal Activity through this process” said Timpson.

Greg Newman, EVP MPI/Dark Sky, said, “We are pleased to be involved in this unique collaboration with Ant Timpson and the New Zealand Film Commission. This furthers our commitment to developing new talent and to bringing the best in independent genre to the marketplace.”

“We were all really impressed by what the make My Movie team and How to Meet Girls from a Distance achieved last year. We’re proud to support this excellent low-budget initiative, and I can’t wait to see what Make My Horror Movie produces this time round,” added NZFC Chief Executive Graeme Mason.

The deal was structured by Tim Riley of Dominion Law with assistance from NZFC’s Naomi Wallwork. MPI will cover Worldwide Sales.

The MPI/Dark Sky Films brand includes the successful genre films The House of the Devil, Stake Land, The Innkeepers, Frankenstein’s Army, Hatchet III, Stitches, and the upcoming Late Phases.

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