Subterranean Press has announced that Robert McCammon has just turned in a brand-new 36,000 word novella, “The Room at the Bottom of the Stair” about a further WWII adventure of Michael Gallatin that will be included in The Wolf’s Hour, pushing the book to just shy of 700 pages. Subterranean expects the inclusion of this major piece of new fiction will drive sales of this limited edition, making it a must have for every serious McCammon fan.

To accommodate the expected demand for The Wolf’s Hour – this novella was a last minute addition, long after the book was announced – with Mr. McCammon’s permission Subterranean has decided to increase the print run to 750 copies, to cover the increased printing costs, to compensate the author for a significant new piece of fiction, and to give his many fans a chance at this important collectible edition.

Limited: 750 signed numbered copies: $75

To pre-order: The Wolf’s Hour

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