New Voices in Horror, a collection of sixteen stories by new voices in the genre, is now available for Kindle users. The story line-up includes:

1. The Lynching Of Jack Cutter by Ralan Conley
2. The Food of Love by Joseph D’Lacey
3. Teritum Squid by Jeremy C. Shipp
4. The Vampire Keeper by Laura Bickle
5. Cat’s Eye by Jeani Rector
6. City Of The Dead by David Byron
7. Stubborn Beasts by David F. Daumit
8. Chains by Jade Eckert
9. The Hoarder by Simon Wood
10. Blood On The Walls by Dave Rex
11. Anatomy Of The Terrible by Jason M. Tucker
12. Hunt For The Unnatural by Tamara Wilhite
13. The Ten Klown Mandments by Michael McCarty and Mark McLaughlin
14. The Necro-Comic-Con by Corey R. Scales
15. The Obsidian Stone by J.T. Carney
16. Bloodline by James Woodcock

The price is $1.19 for those Kindle users out there. You can purchase the download here: New Voices In Horror

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