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Director Brett Kelly (My Fair Zombie) is hard at work on pre-production for his latest horror film THE BONESETTER. The Bonesetter is the tale of a town with a dark secret. A century ago a traveling healer was lynched for killing the town’s children, and now, in the present, the current generation of townsfolk are faced with the supernatural return of the murderous Bonesetter.

If this sounds somewhat familiar, it’s because Kelly originally made a version of The Bonesetter in 2002 and a sequel in 2005, both of which found their way to DVD. In revisiting the tale, Kelly says; “I was never able to tell the story in the scary way I really wanted to back when I first started in this biz.” He continues, “I made the original Bonesetter early in my career and now the tools of production, post-production and my own experience have finally given me what I need to truly scare the pants off of an audience. My previous films have all had elements of tongue-in-cheek to them. Not this new Bonesetter; I want people frightened and disturbed.”

Kelly adds, “I should mention also that the script of this movie is completely new and is not the same movie as my originals. It’s a new take.”

The Bonesetter is based on a folk tale from Quebec (known in French as Bonehomme Sept-Heures). While technically in pre-production, Kelly and his crew have already filmed the opening scene of the movie. This scene is set in the past when the titular villain of the film was still alive and committing his murderous crimes upon the unsuspecting populace.

Production of the film will resume in the fall once Kelly has completed filming a western for Lionsgate.

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