Author Kimberly Raiser has announced the publication of her newest book, The Family Bones. Description: Will they stay? Will they survive? The Weavers have inherited family property in Astral, Pennsylvania, a town so small that Mrs. Weaver can find no mention of it on the Internet, save for a tiny spot on Google Earth. Hoping for a simpler, small-town existence for their young family, Steven and Tara eagerly head to Astral to see what they hope will be their dream house.

As they explore their potential new home, the Weavers begin to discover secret passageways, secret rooms, and long buried family truths; some difficult truths are revealed and no longer kept in the far reaches of the closet. There are reasons for everything, and sometimes the explanations are so simple. But sometimes, simple can also be horrifying.

Each family member will be changed forever … if they live to remember. Paranormal, Aliens, witchcraft … or simple logic, the reader is left to decide.

Kimberly Raiser was born and raised in New Jersey and now lives in the oldest city of our nation, St. Augustine, Florida, where she turns her passion for life and adventure into legendary stories. Kimberly has always loved science fiction, which comes to her naturally. Her grandfather, Henry Kunicki, grew up with the famous physicist David Bohm (a colleague of Albert Einstein), and they used to fantasize about space travel together.

To learn more and/or order: The Family Bones

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