Do I Bother You At NightAs a horror website, I really feel I owe it to you to try and help up and coming authors and filmmakers get some notice.  In that spirit, I bring you the press release for Do I Bother You At Night by Troy Aaron Ratliff.  I haven’t read it, but the synopsis intrigued me.  If you get it and like it, please let me know.
From the press release:
Indie Author Troy Aaron Ratliff’s debuts his first novel “Do I Bother You At Night?” published in print and as an ebook.

Mission Viejo, CA, October 02, 2013 –(– On October 4, 2013, independent author and artist Troy Aaron Ratliff of Mission Viejo, CA, will debut his first novel “Do I Bother You At Night?” through Amazon and various other online and brick and mortar distributors. Ratliff is the author of several short stories and novellas, also available through and He is also a skilled artist with an online store that sells variations of his work through

Set in the countryside of Kansas during the late spring and summer of 1986, “Do I Bother You at Night” is a literary horror novel that tells the story of farmer Sylvester Petersen, who is mourning his wife’s recent suicide and searching for direction in his life. When a mysterious new neighbor suddenly moves in next door, Sylvester ignores the new addition to the area, but soon notices some strange happenings around his farm. As the summer progresses, Sylvester’s bereavement begins to shift to curiosity and finally to something much more ominous when he realizes his new neighbor may be more of an otherworldly danger than he originally believed. The oddities intensify to vicious and surreal levels that threaten the people of the region, forcing Sylvester to discover his neighbor’s terrifying secret and, and offering a chance at redemption from his grief.

Mike Robinson, award-winning author of Skunk Ape Semester, Green Eyed Monster, and The Prince of Earth, said, “As we know from his short fiction, Troy Aaron Ratliff revels – to our colorful benefit – in turning the ordinary on its head, often in terrifyingly plausible ways. In this, his first novel, he stretches into the realm of the supernatural, but of course, it continues to feel just as plausible because of the vivid characters at the heart of the story. Do I Bother You At Night? will stay with you for many nights.”

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