Subhuman Experiments is the new horror label from the mind of Michael Ferentino, the man behind such projects as Love in Reverse and Bedtime for Robots. Abandoning the painfully predictable conventions of the “3 and a half minute verse/chorus/verse/chorus/break and maybe a bridge/one-more snappy chorus repeated multiple times” pop-song format, the artists of Subhuman Experiments bring you, the listener, a wealth of unusual noisescapes and sound explorations.

“We consider ourselves a sort of alternative to the traditional record labels, most of which have drowned themselves in their own seas of mediocrity, bottom-line mentalities, and pre-packaged marshmallow fluff recordings,” says Ferentino. “From the bombastic, melodic electronic goodies offered up by Perpetual Mourning to the dark ambient noisescapes of Bedtime for Robots and Rotting Moldy Flesh (as well as a few off-beat surprises from Speak the Worms, Corduroy Poo-Poo, and Love in Reverse), the artists of Subhuman Experiments share two common goals … to create for the sake of creation…and to explore the depths of sonic possibility…”

Check it all out here: Subhuman Experiments

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