Horror Mall is now accepting pre-orders for a couple of upcoming titles. First is Other Gods by Stephen Mark Rainey. Description: Spanning a career of over twenty years, the 16 tales in Stephen Mark Rainey’s Other Gods depict an alluring yet macabre world, rendered by one of the horror genre’s most vivid imaginations. With settings ranging from the remote backwoods of Virginia to the urban wilderness of Chicago, the veneer of Rainey’s world appears familiar, even comforting; yet, beneath its surface ancient, malignant powers lurk, ready to spring forth and destroy any who discover them whether intentionally or inadvertently. Laced with humor and recounted by a captivating voice, the tales in Other Gods wait for you with open arms but beware, for they are also laden with darkness. And in that darkness, danger waits.

The second upcoming title is Ketchum’s The Lost DVD by Jack Ketchum. Description: Once upon a time, a boy named Ray Pye put crushed beer cans in his boots to make himself taller. But this is no fairy tale: For suburban sociopath Ray (Marc Senter) and his friends, small-town life is a dead-end road of sex, drugs, liars and losers. And what begins with a sudden act of senseless violence will climax in a mind-blowing frenzy of depravity with the worst still yet to come. This is set to be released next month and only preordered copies will be signed by Jack Ketchum. If you want your copy signed, you must order in the next 2 weeks.

It’s all happening at: Horror Mall

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