The Haunting of The Smith HouseMike Scygiel’s new horror suspense novel The Haunting of the Smith’s House takes readers into a haunted house, where a family must deal with ghosts if they’re to build a home.

Harry Stoner slaughtered the Smith family in their home 20 years ago, before dying in prison. Rumors tell people his ghost still haunts the Smith home, but not everyone believes it.

An excerpt from The Haunting of the Smith’s House: There is a question which everyone wants to know, are there such things as haunted houses? Or are they just fake? No one will believe it until they find one themselves. It wasn’t until one day when a small town was seek out by word of mouth that they had a haunted house. It was on one Halloween night, when a family was killed by an evil man who walks into their house and killed them. Once this happened, the townspeople believed that they have a haunted home.

For fans of the supernatural genre, The Haunting of the Smith’s House is sure to entertain. Available in both softcover and e-book.

About the Author: Mike Scygiel is from the state of Michigan, and has always enjoyed writing. He is also the author of The Parker Boys Trapped in a Haunted House and the forthcoming The Calaski Horror.

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