Next year, Subterranean Press will be releasing the limited edition of the first six issues of Joe Hill’s comic series, Locke & Key, illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, which Joe describes as “a supernatural thriller about three kids who find themselves the custodians of an unlikely New England mansion called Keyhouse. Within the house are secret doors with transformative powers, the power to fundamentally change a person’s identity. There’s one door, when a kid steps through it he’s turned into an old person. Pass through another door, and a boy will turn into a girl, while a girl will be turned into a boy. There’s another door that unlocks a closet, filled with robes: an African robe, an Asian robe. By putting the robe on, you change your race. And they find themselves pitted against a thing that calls itself Dodge, who preys on children with a weak sense of self. Dodge has a habit of turning them lethally dangerous: into Columbine style-killers, or lynch mobs. There’s a terrible door within Keyhouse that Dodge would like to force open, and which my heroes have to keep shut at all costs. Ultimately it’s a kind of modern Grimm’s fairy tale, about the way young people discover and construct their own identity.”

Subterranean’s hardcover edition will be limited to only 250 numbered and 26 lettered copies, with a whole bunch of extras, and will not be reprinted to fill further demand. Look for a more complete announcement soon, with ordering information.

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