Untreed Reads has been busy releasing four new horror titles in their ebook library. We’ve listed each of the titles below. Please note that if you follow the links to the website, you’ll not only be able to order directly from Untreed Reads, you’ll also be able to read a short excerpt.

Motor City Wolf by David Perlmutter – Detroit. A tough town, where you have to be tough to survive. And few are tougher in facing the realities of the streets than the Firebird Scouts of Wayne County. But, are they tough enough to deal with the supernatural – in the form of a werewolf aiming to eat them up? A short work from their Spectres line from the author of Murder’s Not Cool. For readers ages 13 to adult.

Rules for the Care and Feeding of Tiffany by Darby Krenshaw – Everett and Joyce’s only child is in a persistent vegetative state after contracting meningitis. When the aging couple begins to receive strange messages on their phones and computer, they are convinced their daughter is trying to contact them. The reality will make them face their own dark thoughts about their daughter and how they will ultimately deal with her condition. A short story from their experimental fiction line The Lab.

Special Charter by Chris Bauer – When the original purchaser no longer needs their airline ticket, Cliff buys it for a bargain price. Upon boarding, he realizes he has nothing in common with the passengers. When his flying companions reveal a variety of destinations and arrival times, it means little. That is, until he discovers the flight is a Special Charter. A work of short horror from the Untreed Reads Spectres line.

The Ghost Hunter by P.A. Bees – When the townspeople hire The Ghost Hunter to tell them whether or not a spectre haunts a mansion on the edge of town, they get more than they bargained for. In the end, the town would have been wiser to have read the fine print. A work of short horror from their Spectres line and the author of The Clarent Pin.

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